Berlitz Kids Age 4 - 12 years old

Summer Camps — Creating Global Citizens

Berlitz Kids & Teens Summer Camp offers an engaging learning experience for children and teens in a relaxing atmosphere. Our 2013 summer camp is designed with a new curiccu­lum to develop communication, leadership and cross-cultural skills through fun and dynamic activities. Creating Global Citizens provides children and teens with greater awareness of other cultures, making them more open-minded and accepting, and preparing them to adapt to unknown situations regardless of geographical, cultural or social context.

Appropriate for Ages 4-14

With a focus on cross-cultural and experiential learning and utilizing multi-sensory activities and discussions, a typical session is structured with segments devoted to:

  • Age-appropriate activities to develop self-awareness, focusing on personal values and cultural context
  • Gaining awareness of cultures around the world
  • Integrating self-awareness and multi-cultural knowledge into a broader, global perspective
  • Understanding one’s impact on the planet and its future
  • Identifying ways to contribute and actively participate in both local communities and abroad as a global citizen

Schedule Details

  • Available at most Berlitz Learning Centers.
  • 2-Week Sessions, Monday to Friday, from 9 AM – Noon


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