Berlitz has helped millions of individuals speak new languages. Whether you want to improve your resumé, prepare for a trip abroad or learn a new language for personal reasons, Berlitz can help you reach your goal. Based on listening and speaking, the Berlitz Method® is the most natural way to learn a language. Even beginners can speak simple sentences in the first lesson. When it was introduced in 1878, this intuitive, conversational style of teaching revolutionized language instruction. Today, the proven-effective Berlitz Method has become the standard for language instruction, and it remains at the core of the company’s teaching approach.

Come to class—or learn at home

Whether you prefer to learn in a classroom with other students, a self-paced program online in the comfort of your home or something in between, Berlitz offers a program that’s right for you.

Semi-Private Instruction is the ideal solution for all those who want quick learning success while keeping down costs. In Semi-Private Instruction you learn in a pair, thus benefiting from a very private learning atmosphere - almost like individual lessons. Particularly suitable for employees of the same firm, couples or friends.

The Benefits
  • Advantages of Individual Instruction, at reduced prices
  • Quick, effective learning
  • Both the participants have the full attention of the instructor
  • Instructors are native speakers
  • Additional motivation thanks to the learning partner
  • You think and speak in the new language from the start
  • No more than two people
  • For all languages

    How to get started:

    If you come with a partner, friend or colleague, you can decide for yourselves between an intensive compact program with daily lessons or a regular course with 1 or 2 lessons per week. The open courses begin on the dates given in the current course plan.

    What is the Berlitz Method?

    When you study with Berlitz, you learn a new language the same way you learned your native language—naturally. Our highly effective, conversational style of instruction immerses you in your new language and makes learning fast and easy. Our instructors are native-fluent speakers who focus on the practical grammar and vocabulary you'll use in real-life situations.

    Why choose Berlitz?

    Because it's personalized language learning that works! We place the focus where it belongs –on you. Our highly trained, native-fluent instructors are dedicated to your success and will always consider your personal learning style, interests, and goals. our courses may be eligible for your company's tuition assistance program.


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