Learning Indonesian Language In Jakarta

Indonesian Language (Bahasa Indonesia) the national language of the Republic of Indonesia. It is based on the Malay trade dialect. Indonesian Language unites over 237 million people of Indonesia (May 2010), whose native tongue may be one of the over 300 distinct languages or regional dialects. Older people may speak some Dutch and English is the foreign language of choice for business, tourism and study.

While it may be technically possible for foreigners to live in Jakarta without learning/speaking Bahasa Indonesia, it is highly recommended that you obtain a working knowledge of the Indonesian national language. An inability to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia will cut you off from the mainstream of society, and dealing with those Indonesians who don't speak your foreign language will be very difficult. By not learning the language, you also deny yourself the rich cultural experience of fully communicating with those from another culture. Indonesians are appreciative of foreigners that make the effort to learn Bahasa Indonesian and build relationships with them. Both business and personal relationships with Indonesians will improve because of the effort made to learn their language.


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